Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mauritania Boy reciting Quran


Now let me explain what has surprised me... Well my in-laws always have long-term guests in their home here in Jeddah. The majority are from Mauritania, these are people who need a place to stay while they are here for whatever reason that may be. They go and go as they want and have a special room for guys and one for the girls that they can stay in as long as they want. Anyways as Hajj has just finished there are still lots of Mauritanian pilgrims who have not yet left. About 10 ten people are staying with my in-laws as of now.

Tonight my husband brought over the son of one of them. I opened the door when they came home and found my kids with a boy. He was small I guessed that he was about 5 years old maybe 6. wearing a torn and dirty thobe with the shoes we usually refer to as bathroom slippers. I told them to come inside, I didn't know who he was but my husband was close behind. The boy, Muhammad is his name has this amazing contagious smile, he was shy and didn't want to come in but in the end we were able to persuade him. After my husband came in and sat down he told me that this boy has memorized the ENTIRE Quran! I was shocked I came to find out that he is 9 years old. I immediately went to find and thobe of my son's and asked if he would like to change, he did. When he came back we asked him to recite some verses for us and I recorded them to share with all of you.

It was so moving his voice beautiful and he was completely undistracted by the kids and us watching him. Towards the end you notice him focusing on something, the tv was on and he was watching cartoons and reciting at he same time.

When he was leaving we gave him some of aboodis sandals and I gave him a big hug and kiss. He's such a sweet boy, my husband tells me he is from a very poor family, may allah make things easy on them.

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Barakah said...

What a beautiful description of your encounter. What a sweet little boy.

May Allah preserve him.