Saturday, May 17, 2008


About a year ago I bought a new comp while I was in the states and I bought insurance with it just to be safe. A few months after I returned it stopped working so I thought it was the best idea to send it back to my mom to get fixed. That was about 9 months ago and I just got it back tonight, since we have been waiting for someone to come out here to bring it to me. Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!! So now I have no excuses to not post more often.

Abdellah had his 7th birthday last week so I took him to Mekkah just the two of us to pray maghrib and eat dinner it was a lot of fun to explain things to him and to spend one on one time with him. After Cheikha came back from Kuwait we took all the kids and some of his friends out to a small water park for kids it was fun for them but sooooo hot for us even the cake was sweating (ewww).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Last night I took the kids out with two of Abdellah's friends on the way I picked up my niece in law. We decided to go to chuck e cheese. I bought a bunch of tokens and sent the kids on their ways. Then it was time for me and NIL to get our game on :p. We played quite a few rounds of air hockey then some mini basketball and some of the other games, it was a blast. Of course we tired waaaay before the kids and decided to sit down and chat for a bit. Soon before going Khadija wanted to get her face painted like a pink cat it was soooo cute! We left and rode home with nancy ajrams kids cd LOUD!! But thank god no fighting. My daughter told me to stop at the store and get her cat food since shes a cat now!

Khadija said the cutest thing when we were going to bed. Since my husband is out of town all 3 of the kids sleep in my bed with me my eldest son likes to hold on to someones ears when we go to bed he tried to hold onto his 2 yr old bros ears but he said no then his sis said you can hold onto my ears. I told her that she was nice and she responded- yes, I is... It made me laugh out loud.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jewellery for sale at an artisans market in Mauritania

I've been so lazy about doing this, but I have plenty of excuses as always :p I went to Mauritania with my husband and kids for a few weeks. It was a great trip and I was just soooo happy to be able to drive as silly as it sounds but I missed it

I just got back from my in laws house sometimes I walk there with my older kids its about a 20 min walk its good to get out in the daylight and move around a bit. I had a interesting discussion where I tried to convince my sil that the sun is a star and the moon a moon she was convinced that both are planets I don't know if she was convinced by the end of our talk. This all started because I went there to get help with my sons arabic homework even though he is only in the first grade I still dont understand all of it. My husband left for a business trip last night sooo its worth the walk to get the help.

Anyways the kids are calling...

Here are pics of the henna I had done in Mauritania It takes about 7 hours with two women working non stop!