Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The return of the blogger.....

After having neglected my blog for about 2 years I am going to try to return to it. Since then a lot has happened.

We moved to a bigger house which has given the kids space to play outside and in. I had a baby in February of this year. My mom was here for the birth which was really nice.

Also we spent our summer in Mauritania which included Ramadan. It was a really great experience and the kids really enjoyed themselves. I hope to talk more about our time in Mauritania soon.

Abdellah started 4th grade this year and he is enjoying it. Khadija is in 1st grade she has mixed feelings about it but overall it's been fine. Yusuf started pre-K and attended 3 days of school after which he refused to continue since he prefers to be at home so we will wait till next year to enroll him.

Thats about the gist of what has been going on in our life. Keep tuned for more.