Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Eid!

I Hope everyone out there had a wonderful Eid. Ours was nice mashallah but as always this time of year a bit hectic mashallah. I want to share this cute pic of the kids from Eid, I hope you enjoy it as much as me. As you can tell they are looking right past me, who cares about mom when the tv is on after all! These are my little angels!!!! I know I am a crazy proud mom but who cares. Tomorrow we are having a congressman from the states over for dinner at my FIL house so I am starting the desserts tonight which are: sweet potato pie, lemon meringue pie, cream puffs with chocolate sauce and fruit pudding. How does that sound? The next night we are having a US senator now mind you they are both muslim so its really cool. Followed by a night of oh let me remeber yes thats right 50 guests god help me get through these next few days!!!!!!!!

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